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January 25, 2023



Go With the Flow The Circulatory System by Racquel Thompson author





Introducing “Go With the Flow” a delightful children’s book that takes young readers on an exciting adventure through the human heart! Join our main character, Blood, as it embarks on a wild ride through the intricate pathways of the heart.

Our story begins on the right side of the heart chambers, where Blood, our friendly little blood cell, starts its journey without any oxygen. As Blood travels through the heart, it encounters some fascinating structures called the lungs, eagerly anticipating the moment it can meet its best friend, Oxygen (also known as 02).

But there’s a twist! Blood carries a special gift along with it- carbon dioxide. In a magical exchange, Carbon dioxide is swapped for oxygen, transforming Blood into oxygenated blood. This transformation is visually represented by a captivating color change, adding a touch of wonder to the story.

The journey doesn’t end there! Blood, now brimming with life-giving oxygen, continues its adventure on the opposite side of the heart, traveling through a vessel known as the Aortic Arch. In our book, we affectionately refer to it as the “giant arch.” As the story reaches its climax, Blood and Oxygen finally bid farewell on top of the arch.

While the biology behind this process is more complex, the symbolic separation of Blood and Oxygen represents the oxygenated blood being delivered to the peripheral tissues and organs in our body. These organs and tissues eagerly utilize the precious oxygen as a vital part of life.

“Go With the Flow” will captivate young readers and their parents with its vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling. It introduces children to the wonders of the human body in a way that’s both educational and entertaining. So join Blood on its incredible journey through the heart and discover the magic of oxygenation and the importance of oxygen in our bodies. Get ready to go with the flow!

Go With the Flow The Circulatory System by Racquel Thompson author

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